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25th of February, 2012

12:01 - Death of a mailmare...

If you don't know what the Derpy kerfuffle is about, there are good summaries at Derpy has been modified and Derpy's New Voice.

When I wrote the story Death of a mailmare, I used the name "Ditsy". When MLP:FIM officially named the character, I changed my story to use the name "Derpy". At my level of knowledge and ignorance, I consider both names offensive: Ditsy being not of sound mind (stupid and forgetful, especially applied to females), and Derpy being both derped eyes and having done something stupid. But there has been another beloved animated character with an offensive name and a physical problem.

Here are my thoughts about the changes:

1. MLP:FIM is owned by Hasbro. Not the fans. They have every right to change it, just as George Lucas has the right to change Star Wars. Any conversation that doesn't start with this fact ignores reality.

2. I didn't care for the original voice of Derpy, and I'm fine with the new, more generic one.

3. I'm only a touch upset at the loss of the name.

4. If you are upset at losing the name "Derpy", then affect the one thing that Hasbro cares about: its bottom line. Boycott watching MLP:FIM on the Hub, and don't buy any toys. Get others to join in.

With or without Derpy, I think that the show remains worthwhile.

What do you think?

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