Brent "Chip" Edwards (chipuni) wrote,

Republican Party caucus...

For two hours today, I took a role I didn't expect that I would ever take. For two hours today, I was a Republican.

Let's be blunt. I'm a liberal, secular person who believes in government as a counterweight to big business. What was I doing at the Republican Party caucus?

Entertaining myself. And doing what I do best: listen.

Don't get me wrong. In those two hours, I got good stories waiting in line.

I can write about the fellow who's getting his Ph. D. in fisheries through a National Science Foundation scholarship and summer work at the Fish and Wildlife Service... who is campaigning for Ron Paul.

I can write about the lady who's blaming the recession on all the dividends that corporations pay.

I learned that life insurance companies do not go bankrupt; at worst, they are liquidated.

But, bluntly, all the people at my table were ordinary people, listening to each other and trying to figure what's best for the country. I disagreed with them a lot less than I expected; they're mostly the pro-business, secular and libertarian Republicans that I once belonged to (and that I thought was dead in the Republican party.) Every one at my table (including me!) believed in gay marriage and thought that the biggest problem in the U.S. was the economy.

I'm very glad that I went. If your state has open caucuses, I highly recommend the experience... even if the Republicans aren't the party you'll vote for in the general elections.

Take care, all.
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