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Parents: Loxahatchee - Fluorescent Dreams Wax Cylinders

10th of March, 2012

19:51 - Parents: Loxahatchee

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Dear all,

I'm visiting my parents in Florida for a few days.


When I arrived at my parents' house this morning, they had decided to drive back to the home I lived in from 1981 through 1986 in Loxahatchee, Florida.

When we lived in Loxahatchee, it was the middle of nowhere. The nearest town was about fifteen miles away. There was only one attraction around: Lion Country Safari. In order to visit my house, you had to go in the Lion Country Safari entrance.

I can hear the giggling from here. Yes, I literally grew up in a zoo.

More seriously, every family in that area has five acres of land. The land ranges from woods to open fields. And the houses range from medium-sized family homes to mansions.

What was very odd was how very different my parents' memories and my memories of living there were.

My parents remembered the area as much cleaner and nicer than it is today. Their comments about the area as it is now were that it looked like Redneckville, that it had gone badly downhill from the time we lived there. Several houses that we remembered were now abandoned.

My memories of Loxahatchee are different; I think that it's only gone sideways, not downhill. At the time I lived there, some houses and many lots were vacant -- that's still true today. But since we moved, the grand houses have gotten much more impressive. And, bluntly, by what little I could see of the buildings, the lot where we once lived now has a more impressive house. I know that it has better security.

I think that they're letting memories of good times color that, even while we lived there, Loxahatchee was Redneckville.

Take care, all.


Date:2012-Mar-11 07:04 am (UTC)
When I think about my hometown as a kid, it felt like a giant neighborhood. Now it's a circle of suburbs around a decaying downtown.
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Date:2012-Mar-11 01:14 pm (UTC)

The Ballad of Danny Whitney

You may or may not remember a kid by the name of Danny Whitney, six years your senior (if I remember your age correctly) who lived in Loxahatchee and attended your school for a couple of years. He rode the bus in every morning, and the Loxahatchee locals made quite an impression on him. He learned to mimic their speech patterns, their mannerisms, their conversation, and used that to make other people laugh. He was so good at it that he's made QUITE a handsome living, and is now known internationally for his comedy, so much so that he has passed Jeff Foxworthy in most people's minds as "most stereotypical redneck". Oh, except he uses a stage name, of course. You may be a bit more familiar with his character, Larry the Cable Guy.

Loxahatchee has ALWAYS been Redneckville.

(I can't find any independent verification from the Internet that Danny lived in Loxahatchee, only in "West Palm Beach, Florida". Of course, that's also where you say you're from, and also where I say I'm from, even though we both grew up a sizable distance from the actual city of West Palm Beach. I remember people mentioning that Loxahatchee is where Danny was living at the time, so that's my story and I'm sticking to it.)
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Date:2012-Mar-11 02:23 pm (UTC)

Re: The Ballad of Danny Whitney


No, I did not know Danny Whitney at the time... but I do know about Larry the Cable Guy now.

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