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Death of a mailmare... - Fluorescent Dreams Wax Cylinders

25th of February, 2012

12:01 - Death of a mailmare...

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Date:2012-Feb-25 08:24 pm (UTC)
My upset comes from the fact that they threw us such an awesome bone, then withdrew it because a very small number of people complained.

People are too obsessed with political correctness, and give waaay too much creedence to small groups of people who are offended by pretty much EVERYTHING.

It's not so much Derpy, but the principle. Once again a huge company capitulated because of a few whiners. This is the same crap that resulted in the huge deal over the "wardrobe malfunction" at the superbowl a few years ago; if the media had simply ignored the complainers, it wouldn't have been a big deal.
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Date:2012-Feb-26 03:11 pm (UTC)

And also how badly it was done. It has been canonical since "Winter Wrap-Up" there is an incompetent pegasus pony named Ditzy Doo. And long suspected (even stated by Lauren Faust last season as a distinct possibility) that Ditzy Doo would get a voiced part and turn out to be Derpy in season 2. It would've been just as easy to re-dub Dash's line as "Careful, Ditzy!" I was surprised they called her Derpy in the first place when Ditzy Doo was already a canonical name (and one Hasbro owned). Ditzy (and Dash complaining about Ditzy being a "bubblehead") would've still been at least somewhat respectful to tradition. And respectful to the handicapped. Derpy is one of the most beloved characters in the show; how is it offensive to the mentally handicapped to say they can be highly valued despite their issues? And how is it possibly less offensive to say the solution to having a slow-witted and clumsy individual some people find unsightly is to essentially delete her?

With respect to #1, no. Having "the right" (really, nothing but the legal might) doesn't make it "right." That logic reminds me of the military surplus store owner from "Falling Down." "I reserve the right!" (to insult and refuse service to a gay couple in the movie's context.) Yes, it was his store and yes he could do that. But did that make it anything less than being a grade-A A-hole?

With respect to #4, double no. Boycott iTunes. For one thing, I still think based on past performance iTunes pressured Hasbro to make the change. It fits more with Apple's known behavior. Last time I remember Hasbro doing something like this retcon was in 1984 with the G.I. Joe Zartan figurine's filecard (and in that case it was professional psychiatric associations who complained the card completely mixed up different mental problems and was factually inaccurate as well as offensive). And Hasbro had supposedly not changed the version on the upcoming DVD, nor the HUBWorld online version. So if it was Hasbro pushing for this change, why only that one source instead of the two they directly control? For another, boycotting iTunes boycotts the one thing they actually screwed up. Boycotting the entirety of MLP screws over people we specifically don't want to screw over, including the animation staff.
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