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Fluorescent Dreams Wax Cylinders

12th of December, 2011

6:21 - New story: "Death of a Mailmare"

Death of a Mailmare

At 3:37pm, a package at the Ponyville Post Office and General Delivery Service exploded. The explosion spread flame and heat. Fire licked at the envelopes, charred letters, burned papers, melted stamps, blackened books, invalidated forms, destroyed labels, and consumed packages. The flames devoured paper and attacked the more solid pencils, wooden desks, and mailboxes. The heat shattered windows and let in more air. The once-small fires engulfed the wooden structure, burning everything from ceiling to floor.

When the package exploded, no customers were in the store. Only one employee was there; all others were delivering mail and packages. The blast killed her instantly: a mail mare pegasus with a grey coat, a light yellow mane, and two eyes that had rarely focused on the same object.


It's a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic story. I hope that you enjoy it!

8th of December, 2011

12:19 - Merry Giftmas!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Festivus, or Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, everyone can agree that this is an appropriate season for Giftmas.

Every year, I collect a sample of the best songs that I came across, put them on a compact disk, and send them out around the world. This CD contains no more than one song from any album or artist, and it always contains a mixture of song styles and languages.

If you haven't received one before, the music tends toward rock and electronica with a world beat: there will be Arabic, Indian, and Spanish songs in the compilation. (And, yes, there will be some in English, too!)

If you're interested, leave me a note below with your address. (All comments are screened.)

Happy Giftmas!

28th of November, 2011

13:10 - Lost my job with Amazon

Dear all,

On November 11, I lost my job with Amazon.com. (I'd rather not post the reasons for my separation with Amazon.) I'm actively seeking work.

If you want a copy of my resume, I'll be glad to send you a copy. (I have screened all comments to this entry.)

Take care, everyone.

25th of November, 2011

11:42 - The Foundation of Hippogriff: Final Chapter

I have completed the story "The Foundation of Hippogriff"; you can read all chapters at http://www.fimfiction.net/story/1722/The-Founding-of-Hippogriff.

It's a story of war, refugees, and being caught between two cultures.

A war in the Griffin Kingdom causes a flood of refugees into Equestria. What will happen to Equestria when it's no longer the kingdom of only ponies?

(It's a MLP:FIM fanfic.)

Let me know what you think about it!

31st of October, 2011

9:38 - Fanfiction: The Founding of Hippogriff

I've posted two chapters of The Founding of Hippogriff.

It's a story of war, refugees, and being caught between two cultures.

And it has ponies.

25th of October, 2011

8:54 - Shortest epitaph ever.


21st of October, 2011

10:22 - It's my birthday!

It's my birthday! But, as with every year, I'm very easy to shop for presents...

LiveJournal is dying. (This should not come as a secret to anyone.) So, I have a question:

Which other communities do you recommend that I look at?

I'm interested in:

- Music
- Politics / News
- Creativity / Writing
- Humor

I've recently started writing stories at FIMFiction.net. (I'm honestly surprised at the quality of some of the stories there. As an example, check out Tabula Rasa for a well-balanced look at the meaning of character.)

Where else should I look?

Take care, all.

20th of October, 2011

8:56 - Goodbye, Gaddhafi!

Gaddafi killed as Libya's revolt takes hometown

At least he kept his promise that he wouldn't leave Libya.

May Libya find peace and prosperity with this tyrant gone.

26th of September, 2011

6:36 - Rainfurrest 2011!

My, what lovely teeth you have! My, what lovely teeth you have!
More fursuit parade. More fursuit parade.
Gimme a high-five! Gimme a high-five!
Scared cat? Scared cat?
This fur is ready for camping. This fur is ready for camping.
Eight-bit furry! Eight-bit furry!
It's love. It's love.
I'm gonna get that feeeeeeeesh. I'm gonna get that feeeeeeeesh.
Bunny pals. Bunny pals.
A true lounge lizard. A true lounge lizard.

9th of September, 2011

7:23 - Gov. Perry, Chapter 2: "Why States Matter".

This post is about chapter 2, "Why States Matter", from Gov. Rick Perry's book, "Fed Up! Our Fight to Save America from Washington".

This chapter continues the emphasis of states, not the federal government, as the guarantors of liberty.

The Founders recognized that forming a strong union requires the preservation of liberty, and that the preservation of liberty requires a government located closest to the people. This is the essence of our great nation.

I disagree with this idea.

Think about religion. There's two ways to ensure that you have the liberty to worship as you please:

1. Be in an area where your form of worship is the overwhelming majority, so that your government can protect your right to worship from all other forms.

2. Have the government protect all reasonable forms of worship, not choosing among them, but having separation between church and state.

Now, the second definition of liberty has limits. One can't use the state to punish heretics! But in general, the limits seem light in exchange for the liberty to worship in more than one way in an area,and it allows liberty for a larger area.

In the same way, I don't believe that liberty requires a government that is close to the people.

Gov. Perry strongly ties liberty to local rule:

Is it not ironic that what we fought against 200-odd years ago is what we allow today, with the consolidation of power in Washington? Americans are forced to live according to the dictates of people they neither elected nor chose, and from thousands of miles away. After all, even the people of a large state like Texas, with 32 members of the House and 2 senators, are unable to prevent the rest of the nation from forcing them to accept whatever an unchecked Congress decides... I can tell you, the people of Texas do not want to be told by Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, Henry Waxman -- or for that matter, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, or any other Republican from another state -- what to do.

In that quote, he's reading less like a supporter of Federalism, and more like a supporter of separating Texas from the rest of the United States.

Let's take this quote to the extreme: If states should have the right to veto federal rules, then why shouldn't counties have the right to veto state rules? Why shouldn't cities have the right to veto county rules? Why shouldn't citizens have the right to veto city rules?

In this chapter is a section, "Slavery, Civil Rights, and Federalism". In this section, he admits:

Indeed, many of our ancestors and forebears ignorde the words and spirit of the Declaration of Independence and denied basic liberties and humanity to certain people solely because of the color of their skin. These were inexcusable chapters in American history -- particularly for the southern states most responsible. These chapters were often defined by some who championed "states' rights" and thus the concept of federalism has been understandably but mistakenly weakened.

He goes on about how different states reacted differently to slavery. He doesn't further mention the hundred years after the Civil War that continued official discrimination against a large part of their citizens. African Americans had (and have) large populations in the South, but Jim Crow laws betrayed their interests. Only the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a federal law, prohibited race-based discrimination.

Finally, I have a trivia question for you:

In fact, our name says it all. While some countries may have a similar structure of government on paper, such as Austria, or may have states referenced in their official name, such as the United Mexican States, they are otherwise only really known as Austria or Mexico. The United States of America is the only nation consistently referred to by its very structure. Indeed, when someone abroad says "the United States," or even simply "the States," most people know what is meant.

The United Soviet Socialist Republics was another nation consistently referred to by its structure, the Soviet Union (or just the Soviets.) But that country disappeared in 1991.

Here's your trivia question: Name another nation that still exists whose official name and its shortened name describe the country's structure.

Take care, all!

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