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Fluorescent Dreams Wax Cylinders

Opinions, links, and life

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Brent "Chip" Edwards
Founder of Further Confusion, writer, programmer, perpetual student, constant reader, husband to misseli, and troublemaker! Hello!

Oh... you need more? Political observer (tending but not firmly fixed toward liberal libertarianism), go player, fan of instrumental music, and troublemaker.

I'm here to exchange ideas, to learn new viewpoints, to engage in constructive discussions. I tend to post a lot of original sources that I don't see enough in the media; I'd rather discuss the originals than what political commentators say about the originals.
aclu, add, agnosticism, algorithms, ambient music, angelique kidjo, animation, anthropomorphics, artificial intelligence, axiom of choice, b tribe, bay area, bioinformatics, biotechnology, bisexuality, book stores, calamari, capitalism, catnip, chinese food, christianity, civil liberties, civil rights, classical guitar, coding, comedy, comparative religion, composing music, compression, computer science, conventions, cooking, cryptography, debian, democrats, depression, dieting, discworld, dvorak, economics, electronica, erotica, erototoxins, esperanto, ethics, ethnic music, evolution, extropianism, fandom, fantasy, fluffism, fluorescence, free speech, freedom of speech, functional languages, functional programming, furries, furry conventions, furry fandom, furrymuck, further confusion, garlic, genetic engineering, genetics, go, graph theory, humanism, humor, information theory, intelligence, intp, invisible pink unicorns, islam, java, ky00te, languages, latin music, learning algorithms, liberalism, libertarianism, linux, lisp, logic, logic puzzles, mac os x, macintoshes, mathematics, mike oldfield, misseli, molly ivins, mp3s, mucking, music theory, new age music, new college, newshounds, nightnoise, nose licking, not watching tv, ocaml, online comics, open source, optimism, orchestral rock, original sources, os x, otters, peace, perl, politics, postfurry, pragmatism, probability, programming, progressive rock, religion, san francisco, sapiosexuality, satire, science fiction, scritches, sea kittens, self-improvement, sensuality, shiny things, skinnydipping, snuggles, spanish, statistics, suburban jungle, susana baca, tasty sea kittens, terry pratchett, the power of and, transhumanism, travel, trivia, truffles, unicorns, unitarianism, universalism, virtual communities, webcomics, weight loss, world music, world news, writing

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